SunCaged Consulting is a Market Intelligence and Strategy Consulting company based in Singapore. We provide tailored solutions that help businesses grow and rapidly establish their presence in new markets globally.



    To support our clients with practical knowledge and actionable strategies in order to accelerate growth in existing and new markets empowering them to take better and faster decisions.


    To be the top-of-mind strategy consulting firm that companies go to for expansion into or from Asian markets serving them with global standards completed with local knowledge.


    Entrepreneurship • Integrity • Professionalism • Commitment • Partnership


    “I would like to thank SunCaged's team for our India market feasibility study project. Even though I had many years of experience working with FMCG companies and researchers, I was impressed by the quality of the work delivered which had exceeded our expectations. The team had analyzed data from various sources and presented the recommendation in a concise manner that we can implement immediately. This would save us a lot of time and money to trial and error on the ground as we saw that some retailers had to take 10 years just to re-position themselves if a wrong strategy is made. As a SME myself, even though we do not have the luxury of engaging top market intelligence firms, I strongly feel that a thorough market research has to be performed. I would highly recommend SunCaged to anyone who wants a practical approach entering a new market.”

    Terence Yow

    Managing Director at Melissa Shoes

    "I had been trying to penetrate the Myanmar market for 3 years without much success. With SunCaged's market feasibility studies, I was able to identify the correct customers to target and re-position my products to suit the market. With their link up, we managed to meet up with the top management of highly qualified customers. I would highly recommend anyone who is exploring Myanmar to work with them first on understanding the market as it would save you a lot of valuable time and money.”

    Philip Chang

    Managing Director at UT Technologies

    "We were highly satisfied with the work being delivered that is customised to fit our needs. Moreover, SunCaged consultants provide timely updates and quick project turn around. The market research validated our R&D plans for future product development. More importantly, the research data was provided in an easy-to-understand manner that is critical in delivering the key message clearly to potential investors, government agencies and banks.”

    Chua Choon Beng

    Director at M8M Pte. Ltd.

    "SunCaged was professional and easy to work with. We are highly satisfied with the quality of the report and analsysis delivered, with deep and actionable insights, key for the implementation of our growth strategies. The project dynamics and deadlines were managed smoothly and the final report was very complete and customised to our needs, exceeding our expectations. We plan to engage SunCaged again in future projects as we would need their support in our overseas expansion plans, and we definitely recommend their services to any company looking for quality strategy consulting and market research."

    Tan Ru-Ding

    Director at Delphic Manufacturing Solutions

    "SunCaged provided me with valuable insights and analysis about market entry into Myanmar. They introduced me to distributors and I managed to secure a successful partnership agreement. Their international experience, research and strategic mindset also contributed greatly for the conceptualisation and development of an impressive new international brand during our second project."

    Lew Ee Ling​

    Director at Eilumina Resources

    "SunCaged Consulting found us a joint venture partner in just 2 trips to Myanmar. I am impressed with the standard of work they had delivered, from the elegant and professional company profile that clearly portrayed our value proposition to the actual target identification trip to Myanmar. The prospects shortlisted were highly qualified and we immediately shortlisted 2 potential partners after our first trip. Additionally, they also provide very useful and practical market entry advice that we can apply immediately. I would definitely recommend them to companies entering the Myanmar market."

     Ariel Lim
    Director at Ninth Collective